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When the revolution you started falls apart, an inscrutiable goddess traps you in a timeloop, where you're forced to relive your last three days over and over.

Paradise Never is an action RPG set on a remote island in a fictional kingdom.

It's by Calvin French, who made The Real Texas.

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A lush paradise, set for destruction.
Use almost anything.
The ocean awaits.
Use your phone (in-game) to manage quests, communicate, and other things.
NPCs have complex behaviour and full, context sensitive conversations.
Treasure on the beach! But what use is it when the world is ending?
Things happen simultaneously throughout the island. Keep tabs and plan ahead.
Here's something: Hit a tree, off drops a coconut...
... pick it up and equip it...
... now you can throw it! Nice.
It's a small island, so everyone knows everyone else. Although as they say, you can never REALLY know someone...
Customize your character how you like (there will be more options, especially for clothing, than shown here.)
In the underworld, it's not clear exactly why Bird wants to help, but it's a sure bet nobody else does.
The Forbidden Zone sounds like it could be useful, if you can help Bird open up.
World generation uses complex organic algorithms. It will surprise you.
The underworld is quite the place. Nobody here seems to want to explain anything.
You have just three days, and you have all of eternity.

Three day cycle. Each time you die, you return to the first day, right when the revolution started. Make different choices each time and use your knowledge of the future to try and avert the coming catastrophe.

Complex personal interactions. NPCs have a sophisticated behavioural system that controls their actions, which meshes with a full dialogue-tree system. Talk to NPCs at different times in different circumstances to get clues or help. It goes very, very deep.

Complex object interactions. Almost every object can be interacted with in some way. Smash bushes, install headlamps in your boat, put things in boxes, or light furniture on fire. Many items can be used in different ways or combined as you gain knowledge.

Fight Carefully. Fight on land or at sea with a variety of weapons and techniques. There is a catch however: if enough people are killed, friend or enemy, the goddess will reset the timeloop. So measure your violence carefully, and know that human life is fragile.

World generation. Each time you go back to day 1, the world geography and layout will change. The main characters in the story are fixed, but a different subset of other people will be chosen each time. Each time the world generates, it's like an alternate timeline that might have existed.

Purgatory. Behind everything lies a mysterious goddess who has enacted the timeloop. Each time you die you visit her realm, where you can purchase certain special items or make other choices that may help or hinder you in your next attempt.

Phone. Your phone is your lifeline and also the main way to progress across multiple attempts. While most of the world is reborn each time you go back in time, anything on your phone stays. Collect files, "CoinCoin" cryptocurrency, and other information to use cumulatively.

Bridgette Black is your closest friend. She is madly in love with Antoni.

One thing about Bridgette is, she doesn't fuck around. When they arrested Antoni she was happy to get violent.

Antoni Breeze is a relative newcomer, having moved to the island a few years ago in search of adventure.

Everyone loves Antoni, though he's a bit naieve.

Something's not quite right with Terrance Black. Like everybody else, you've been friends since birth, but Terrance has always been more of a loner.

He's all in on the Revolution though, that's for sure.

Deena Black is a dreamer who sees life in terms of destiny.

She follows an ancient form of Christian mysticism which guides her and gives her prophetic visions.

Zuzanna Black is outgoing and charming. She is also a serious hacker and anarchist.

Even though she is another close member of your "family", you still sometimes learn about skills and abilities you didn't know she possessed.

Sergio Saint is Odile's son. He's 9 years old with a free, energetic spirit, and he loves baseball.

It is extremely important to everyone that no harm comes to Sergio.

Odile Saint is a careful thinker who everyone looks up to.

Odile has worked out and organized a lot of the specifics of the plan, but is laying low in a passive role to protect Sergio.

Q: Steam? PC/Mac/Linux? Release Date?

Yes. Yes, yes, yes. TBA (sorry!)

Q: Other platforms (i.e., consoles)?

Hopefully! But probably can't manage to swing this for release.

Q: Specs?

Core i5, OpenGL 3.3 or better. 4GB RAM minimum.

Q: How long in development?

About 3 years.

I'm working hard on this! Thank you!
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