History of the Revolution of 2027

January 13, 2026. A reporter from the New York Times publishes a story that describes how a state of essentially peaceful anarchy exists on a remote island colony (overseas department) of France. The story is well-received by English-speaking audiences but is largely ignored in France.

February 20, 2026. Conservative elements in the French political establishment dredge up the (relatively benign) story and manage to spin it into a small media scandal, eventually forcing the government to agree to take measures that ensure the rule of law extends to all French citizens.

March 3, 2026. French President Emile Leger announces that a new prefect along with a small police force will be installed on the island, with the previous prefect then reassigned.

October 3, 2026. Prefect Ilian Montague ("Monty") arrives, together with two police officers.

October 10, 2026. Monty announces that he will begin enforcing all French laws, regardless the previous status quo.

May 15, 2027. Antoni Breeze is arrested on drug charges. Shortly after, it is announced that he will have to stand trial and could be sentenced up to two years, which he would have to serve in France.

May 18, 2027. You start planning the revolution together with your friends.

May 24, 2027. At midnight, you and Bridgette Black wake Monty while he sleeps in his home. Once outside, you beat him senseless and handcuff him. Forcing him to activate the retinal scanner at the Kolatrap, you free Antoni Breeze from prison and put Monty in instead.

May 25, 2027. 7:00am. The Freedom Manifesto is emailed to all residents, who are urged to protest at the Kolatrap. They do, and Monty together with his officers flee soon after.

May 26, 2027. France begins sending marine forces from a nearby battle group in the Indian Ocean.

May 27, 2027. The revolution is put down.

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